Odeon Consulting Group is a company I started some time in 2004 - as a part-time hobby experimenting with various open source software.

At the end of 2006, after I left my role as product lead in an ultra-low temperature freezer team in a scientific instruments company based in Singapore, I began building this software consulting business, shaping this full-time endeavour into Odeon Consulting Group. It has been a challenging and wonderful 8 years since then, working with my colleagues who are just as passionate as I am learning the art of software development and helping various customers - big and small - build their custom software and their software business.

All good things must come to an end. It's time for me to close down my consulting business officially and focus my time and energy building my very own software products.

Much thanks to Stefan Talpalaru, Tudor Munteanu, Liviu Chiributa, Chng Naiyun, Horia Dragomir, Kaung Htet Zaw, Michelle Chan, Bogdan Nistor, Koh Chuan Yeong, Ciprian Dulca, Andrei Bereczki, Vlad Golcea and all the wonderful co-workers and customers who worked me at different parts of my 8-years journey.

I thank you for all the great experiences we have shared together and I wish each of you great success in your career.

In the mean time, I can always be found at my blog http://calvinx.com.

This Final Goodbye, so dated 23rd June 2014.