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A simple automated tester for continuous integration, which assigns points for users with good performance.

How it works

testerbender is used as a gatekeeper between the test repo and the live one. Once a tests fails, no other commits reach the live repo until some commit fixes the problem and the tests pass. This way, you increase your uptime and user satisfaction.

Runs various unit tests automatically whenever new code commits are pushed up into your staging and/or production server. Think of it as a shield to ensure that new functionality that's introduced into the code base does not introduce surprises into the existing code base.

Centralised Repo

Every push you and your fellow software developers make, it will be pushed into the centralised repository first. It's a holy ground where only devs can reach.

Test Repo

From the Central Repo, the push goes to the test repo where testerbender checks the tests if they pass. If the commit contains errors, an email is generated with the test output and additional info. If the commit fixes an error, another email is generated and the code is pushed forward to the Live Repo.

Live Repo

Your live website uses this code to display it to the visitors. It will always be clean of errors.

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