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URL: http://www.8squirrels.com

Have a great idea? Think you've got what it takes to be a Music Star, a great Film Producer or the new Mark Zuckerberg? Pitch your idea openly and get the world to vote for you with their wallets! 

8squirrels.com is one of our own ideas to reach out to creative people around the world.


8squirrels.com is deployed on Google App Engine cloud server. Some of the advantages are: rapid deployment, scalability without limits, no server maintaining hassles.

The framework chosen is Kay Framework, a web framework made specifically for Google App Engine. Kay uses Werkzeug as lower level framework, Jinja2 as template engine and babel for handling language translations.

Images uploaded by project creators are stored in Facebook albums, using the photo.upload API from Facebook Graph API.

The user authentication system relies purely on Facebook Connect to reduce friction for new users.


The CSS reset file is custom and all the fancy effects are handled by the latest jQuery version.


Facebook Connect is integrated for user information retrieval and authentication with the OAuth2 standard.

Fast RSS parsing from a 3rd party blog provider.

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