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Oberon Media Game Console “GameZone”

Oberon Media Game Console “GameZone”

The GameZone console is a central point for the casual games published by Oberon Media. The console came pre-installed on Acer desktops and laptops in late 2007 and on eMachines Windows Vista computers in early 2008.

Splash screen


The database of games is stored in XML files on the local files system.

The interface is built in Adobe Flash, compiled in binary executable which is signed by Acer and then shipped for distribution. Games are organized in categories, recommended games and already played games.

We chose Flash to build this interface because it required a lot of animations and quality graphics.


Because the game console was shipped world-wide, multi-language support was very important. The languages supported were: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The translations files are separated from the main logic and contain unicode characters. The graphics we’re designed in-house, following the rules of Acer’s Art Director.


Tracking the games that were already installed and played on the current PC.

Skinnable interface, so the game console can be re-branded for other clients.

Internet connections status detection to decide if a game is downloadable or not.

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