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Premier Online Magazine featuring Lifestyle topics ranging from Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion, Health & Living, Motoring, Travel to Technology. Private network in which membership is by invitation only.


The back-end is a custom Django deployment, which is highly scalable and closely follows the cutting edge additions. Because we chose to use a framework instead of an CMS, the code-base can be extended without any limitations.

The server enviroment is a custom deployment: Gentoo OS, Cherokee web server, EXT4 filesystem. Gentoo runs on two servers, for load balancing and high availability. Media assets are served from Amazon's cloud service. All the server packages are fine tuned and maintained by Stefan.

All the features are organized in small apps, trying to follow as much as possible the decoupling principle, so dependencies between these apps are kept to a minimum.


The interface is carefully tailored to closely follow the client’s requests. Yahoo’s CSS framework and jQuery help us maintain a smooth aspect across all major browsers, yet allow us the freedom to customize the user experience.


SENATUS features can rival the meanest social network frameworks out there and the feature set keeps on SENATUS keeps growing.

To get a more comprehensive understanding of the features in SENATUS, sign up for a user account on senatus.net.

SENATUS also has a lightweight version for mobile devices, for users to keep in touch with their connections.

SENATUS keeps growing and we are honored to be part of it.

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